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We specialize in six sectors:


Workers in the construction business must be courteous and on time. We utilize tested and skilled personnel to complete our customers’ needs. Each project will be a success because of our candidates.


We appoint or recruit capable workers from the production sector, aiding in the growth of our clients. Additionally, we are experts in placing workers from Central and Eastern Europe.​


Work as a mechanic, electrician, welder, or warehouse worker? We are capable and knowledgeable enough to identify the top specialist for each post. We provide pleasant working circumstances..​


We offer contract and personnel recruitment services for all positions in the hospitality industry. We are able to hire the greatest staff because of our extensive expertise. We successfully appoint devoted and talented individuals.


We are looking for motivated and reliable workers who can help us with various tasks such as feeding farm animals, harvesting vegetables, and maintaining equipment. You will have the opportunity to learn new skills, work in a friendly environment, and enjoy the benefits of living close to nature.​


Poland is a wonderful nation with a varied and extensive educational heritage. You can earn a low-cost, high-quality European degree from Poland that is recognized all over the world by studying there!

Job Vacancy

Electronics Warehouse Worker
Cucumber Picker
Clothing Warehouse Worker
Cosmetic Warehouse Worker

Your Temporary Employment Partner in Poland.

We have been placing our employees in businesses across the European Union while following precisely to the legal requirements of that region regarding job postings.

We provide a wide variety of employee leasing options to our clients. This covers expert hiring, planning for transportation and lodging, hiring a worker for a duration commensurate with client expectations, and placing staff who are prepared to work.

Looking for employees?

We know the value of a good employee. If your company is looking for such people, we invite you to partner with us!